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Digital Video Campaign
“Basic” Package

Our “Basic” package is ideal for companies that have never done a Digital Video Campaign or for those who want to test our services without taking any risks:

How does it work ?

Our “Basic” formula is ideal for companies wishing to test with a limited initial investment. This formula comprises 4 main stages:

Validation of your existing content

First, we’ll collect your content, look at it, and check that, from both a technical and marketing point of view, it can be used to create an effective digital video campaign. Rest assured, whatever your content, we can almost always find a solution! 

Adaptations of selected content

A digital video campaign requires the right content, both in terms of content and form.  Our expertise in video post-production means we can adapt your existing content without having to shoot it.  The advantage is twofold: it saves time, and it saves on shooting costs.

Creation and distribution of campaigns to reach “50,000 quality views”.

This is where our experience in WEB Advertising makes all the difference. By creating high-performance campaigns, but above all by monitoring them to maximize the number of views to a qualified audience, while limiting the cost of distributing your message, we help you achieve the best possible results.

One view is not the other!

Beyond the direct results of the campaign, we help you to understand what worked and how to improve what can be improved. This reporting and the advice that goes with it are a real added value of our intervention … whether we continue to work together or not.

Not all views are created equal.


Even though we talk about “number of views” to draw a parallel with the metrics used by TV, radio, or newspapers, it is not a very good indicator because, on the internet as well as in real life, it is very easy to cheat. Thus, one could easily and for very little cost, show your advertisement to young Chinese people who have little interest in anti-wrinkle cream made from goat milk from Hainaut (just an example).


Because it is the average figure we aim to achieve with the budget allocated in the “Basic” package. This estimate is based on our experience and the average cost to purchase 1,000 views on social networks or other internet platforms. This number may be adjusted upwards or downwards depending on your industry and the unique nature of your offer.

Qualified views

We will target audiences that closely match your ideal customer profile. Our goal is always to maximize utility for your customer. In other words, people dislike intrusive advertising, but they appreciate help in solving their problems. We strive to show your content to those who need it most.

“Branding or Conversion?”

Whether you’re looking to increase visibility and attract attention (which we call “Branding”), or convert someone unfamiliar with your brand into a buyer (referred to as “Conversion”), our Basic package is designed primarily for Branding, with potential Conversion outcomes as a consequence.

For a campaign specifically designed to focus on Conversion, follow this link.

Our other offers:

Don’t have existing video content yet? Looking to create a campaign for a new product or service? Seeking to establish a process to convert your prospects into customers? Check out one of our other offers:


1850 €


  • Video Media Package
    on Facebook/Instagram
  • Reporting
    At the end of the campaign


2650 €


  • Video Media Package
    on a mix of platforms
  • Creation of a Landing Page
    for optimizing your sales funnel
  • Monthly Reporting

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