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Mixed Reality
for brand activation

The Meta Quest 3 offers a unique opportunity to create innovative, captivating, and original experiences to showcase your brand.

Make ads exciting again.

By creating fun, entertaining, and engaging experiences, we increase engagement with your brand and encourage word-of-mouth. Add to that a skillfully orchestrated digital campaign on social media, and you have an effective and cost-effective advertisement.

The problem

Gamifying the customer experience is a valuable asset for marketing, and in this context, virtual reality proves to be an ideal tool. However, few companies truly benefit from it because traditional virtual reality experiences suffer from three major problems:

They are costly

due to the significant software development required to achieve a customizable experience and showcase your brand.

They are complex

They require learning intricate rules or sophisticated combinations to navigate and progress in the game. This complexity can discourage less experienced users.

They are virtual

And often of low visual quality, which prevents the user from fully immersing in the experience and reduces engagement with the brand.

The solution

To address these issues, we have developed a geolocated video player (LBVP). This solution allows us to place virtual anchors in the real world and associate relevant video content with each of these anchors. In this way, we can solve the three major problems:

Affordable solution

Using the Meta Quest 3 and utilizing video as the primary content, we limit usage and development costs.

Simple interaction

Simply put on the headset and pull the trigger on the controller. It couldn’t be easier. An accessible solution for everyone.

In contact
with reality

By using the “PassThrough” feature of the Meta Quest 3, the user sees the real world through the headset. When approaching an anchor, the real world is augmented with virtual content.

Branding at every level

In addition to being omnipresent in the virtual experience, your brand is also prominently featured on the front of the headsets.

This ensures it will be highly visible during social media sharing.

Use Cases

During your events

Offer your guests an innovative, fun experience and make them ambassadors of your brand.

In-store experience

Are your salespeople busy? Offer your visitors a unique way to wait and enhance engagement with your brand.

Welcoming your collaborators

Create an unforgettable experience for your new employees’ first day of work. Make a strong impression.

Safety instructions

Ensure that safety information is conveyed accurately to every worker who is starting a new job position.

Museums and exhibitions

Enhance the visit to a unique location with a playful experience. Add virtual content to reality to enhance visitors’ experience.

To infinity and beyond

Hotel rooms, tourist attractions, real estate projects, training, gamification… the applications are numerous.

Want to learn more?

Do you have a project, a question, or simply want to learn more about what’s possible with this innovative technology?