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La vidéo c’est bien!
Mais une vidéo qui vous rapporte des clients, c’est mieux!

Video is great!
But a video that brings you clients is even better!

We use video and targeted online distribution to bring more visibility to your business, products, and services.

Video media pack + 100,000 views

We don’t just create a video for your business,
we help make it indispensable to your potential customers.

Media Package

Our media pack includes:
  1. A short video to “hook” your audience. This short video is produced in several versions tailored to the formats and requirements of the chosen platforms for its distribution.
  2. A longer video for your sales funnel. Its goal is to “convince” visitors to call you.


A video, no matter how beautiful and interesting, is useless if no one watches it. Our “video campaign” pack includes managing the distribution of your video to ensure it is viewed at least 100,000 times.

Benefit from our digital marketing expertise to become indispensable in the eyes of your future clients.

Why run a video campaign on the internet?

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the advantages of a digital video campaign compared to other forms of advertising used by your business.

More effective and cheaper than radio or TV advertising!


To reach the same audience, internet advertising is 5 to 10 times cheaper than radio or television advertising.

More effective

With targeting and tracking, you can easily increase the number of times your ideal customer sees your advertisement.

More flexible

You can easily adapt your content to a sub-segment of your target market to enhance its impact.

More controllable

Improving what works and stopping what doesn’t is a simple and effective way to maintain control over your communication.

More useful

By mixing short and long formats, we increase the usefulness of your communication for interested customers.

More informative

At the end of a campaign, you will know more about your customers and their desires. This knowledge is invaluable.

Why work with us:

Cheaper and more effective

If you enjoy paying a fortune for your case to be handled by a junior consultant at a renowned communication firm, then we can’t help you. However, if you want to pay for quality service and cutting-edge expertise at a fair price, you’ve come to the right place.

More Fun

In a world bombarded with information, you need to find a way to stand out. Our overflowing creativity is a formidable weapon to help you capture attention while respecting your brand image. Our motto is: “do things seriously without taking ourselves too seriously”.

Your client is our client

At the risk of surprising you: even though we work for you, you are not our client! Our client is your client. By doing everything to create content useful to your end customer, we will bring you the results you desire.




Cost of a digital video campaign

We offer pricing tailored to your project and needs. Here are our packages:


1250 €


  • Adaptation of your existing video content
    on Facebook/Instagram
  • Reporting
    At the end of the campaign


1850 €


  • Video media pack
    on Facebook/Instagram
  • Reporting
    at the end of the campagne


2650 €


  • Video media pack
    on a mix of platforms
  • Landing page creation
    for optimizing your sales funnel
  • Monthly reporting

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