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Icone.Media offers you

More customers. Lower costs.
We are a Belgian digital agency located in the Liège region. We specialize in creating effective and profitable advertising campaigns to help small and medium-sized businesses increase their market share in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and beyond.

We are your European
Digital Brand Ambassador

The old system no longer works.

Before, when a company wanted to expand its sales in a foreign market, it simply needed to find a specialized distributor who would distribute its products to its network of retailers to ensure significant revenue.

Unfortunately, today, due to online sales, changes in consumer habits, and increased competition, it is increasingly difficult for a distributor to convince their network to sell an unfamiliar product.

The top-down system (from distributor to consumer) no longer works; traction must come from the market.

But how can you create market traction when you are a foreign company and do not have the advertising budgets of Coca-Cola or Red Bull?

Solution: you need a brand ambassador!

Your brand ambassador will do everything to increase the visibility of your products at the local, regional, national, and/or continental levels.

Their goal is not only to position your products to make them more attractive than those of your competitors but also to maximize their visibility within the constraints of the available budgets.

They will ensure that your international strategy is translated into a relevant local context.

There are two ways to carry out the role of a brand ambassador:

  • the first involves hiring a physical representative who will coordinate local communication efforts and use networking to promote your products and services. This approach is suitable for larger companies and B2B products and services.
  • The other approach, particularly suited to companies selling consumer goods and those seeking more flexible solutions, is to perform this brand ambassador work digitally, using a mix of SEA (Search Engine Advertising), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), digital advertising, influencer marketing, etc. This is the approach we propose for you.
Are we the right digital agency for you?

To save you time, we have established some criteria to quickly identify whether we can be of assistance to you or not:

  • Your company is an SME with fewer than 40 employees and/or your in-house marketing team consists of fewer than 5 people. (Our methods have been found to be less suitable for larger organizations.)
  • You sell products or software to end consumers (B2C).
  • You are facing one of the following four problems:

You already have a distributor in Europe, but you believe they are not selling enough.

Your European e-shop is not achieving satisfactory sales results.

You are not yet present in the European market and want to introduce your products.

Your startup needs to quickly find new customers to survive.

A Simple and Effective Process?

Our in-house process, which is simple and effective, allows us to maximize the chances of delivering a significant return on investment for you. It consists of 5 steps:

Niche Market

You know your products, and we know your customers and how to speak to them. Together, we select the most promising niche market and establish a communication strategy. This step enables us to focus communication efforts on the group of buyers most likely to adopt your products.

Creation/Adaptation of Materials

We adapt your existing content or create new materials to maximize their usefulness and, consequently, their impact on your niche market.

Targeted Distribution

Unlike television, newspapers, radio, etc., social media advertising platforms offer incredible targeting possibilities. Our method allows us to segment your potential audiences and quickly learn which audience is the most promising for your products.


Without monitoring, a digital campaign quickly becomes outdated and loses its effectiveness. The daily monitoring of your campaigns, included in our service, enables us to keep your campaigns active and effective for as long as possible.

Optimization and Growth

We optimize to find the most cost-effective approach. Once this approach is identified, we replicate and repeat it to expand your audience and increase your sales.

What’s next?

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